Decorative Hand-Painted
Furniture, Mailboxes, & More

"Imagination is the true magic carpet"!
-Norman Vincent Peale

My love of color gets fully played out on my hand- painted furniture, mailboxes or most anything.

I design wild crazy color patterns with combinations of shape & line for tables, chairs, stools, etc. in whimsical, mythical, magical design from inspirational pieces to formal historical buildings.

Handpainted Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan
14" Diameter
Painted Mailbox
Marblehead, MA
Mailbox "Map"

Hand Painted Pallette
Time to Make the Coffee
Painted Pallette
Angel Mailbox
Angel Mailbox

Painted Captains Chair
Spirit of '76
Ice Cream Chair
Painted Captains Chair
Women Who Run
With The Cats

Captain Chair
Patterned Table
Patterned Table
3' diameter

Mermaid Painted Buoy
Mermaid Buoy
Patterned Table
Patterned Table
3' diameter
Painted Stool
Child's Patterned Stool

Holy Catfish Whimsey
HCatfish Whimsey
(2 sided)
Painted Pallette
Trip the Light Fantastic

Painted Pallette

These have been sold, but I am available for commissioned decorative furniture painting and various wood objects.

I teach design and faux finish on walls & floors using sponging, marbleizing and glazing techniques and decorative furnitur painting.

Please contact me to chat about what you’d like!



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