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"Holly Jaynes is one of the most dynamic, creative and sensitive people I have come across in the creative arts therapies. I have loved working with her and I look forward to the unfolding of her practice."
~Shawn McNiff, Professor, Lesley University, Artist, Author


I teach people throughout the life span and they teach me. It heals something in all of us when we make art, from the spontaneity of the young child to the senior who says "I can't draw a straight line." "Good," I say, "I don't want you to!"


Senior Art Studio Classes

Stories To Tell

Senior Art with Holly Aloha Jaynes, North Shore of Boston Artist
"My Sister Mary", Collage

  Seniors have many stories to tell us.  Using

  photographs, images and personal objects

  shadow boxes are created, where each

  share their personal journey.

  Seniors also enjoy using poetry and

  storytelling to tell their life stories. 

  Groups for seniors are led in nursing

  and retirement home and senior centers.


Art-Rageous Women

ArtRageous Women & Art with Holly Aloha Jaynes, Salem MA
Goddess Art Quilt
Made by Crone Mary Hopkins
Let Your Spiritual and Creative process

Unfold…Or Unravel!

Muse Art Studio is for women to empower themselves and each other through art making, questioning, telling stories and living their wild-authentic-wise life out loud. Individual and collaborative images are created about our paths, exploring and actualizing our richest fierce selves using the archetype of the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, The New-Old Woman. 

We use a variety of media from clay & collage

to fabric and text.


Individual Art Studio


Find out what you love about art!                                         



     I work one on one with people of all ages and abilities, guideing them in        discovering their passion and personal style.

    I teach perspective, color, form and design, drawing, painting and collage.

I encourage all abilities as everyone has creativity and imagination.  





We are all artists!

Children's After SchoolPrograms with Holly Aloha Jaynes, Salem & Marblehead, Ma
One of the boys with puppet

Boys 7-10 challenge their imagination and

spontaneity in the studio. They create

puppets and masks or create paintings

on wood. 

A “Treasure Hunt” collage using images from various sources, illustrate what they would like

to manifest in their lives. 

They made a 6' Green Man using text describing ways to save energy.

I provide a variety of found objects and nature material to create sculptures.  Some have themes and some go by the whimsy of the day!


  Sculpture from found objects

All Possibilities!

This after school studio is for girls between the

ages of 7 and 11. A variety of art modalities are

used to make art from drawing, storytelling,

poetry and collage to found objects.

The girls learn to affirm themselves and each other through the art process, fostering healthy esteem, self-confidence and creativity.

Studios are limited to four.



Classroom Art

I bring a variety of found objects into the classroom for the students to create art from their imagination.



Decorative Furniture Painting

From throw-it-away to fine art!                             


I guide the transformation process as an

old chair, desk or table magically becomes

your own art that is fanciful and functional.  

Mailboxes, bird houses, lazy susans, stools,

boxes, toy chests, even headboards can be

decorated to your whim and color scheme.

Color, design, patterns and images are un-

limited and up to your imagination!


An old ice cream parlor chair becomes a Fourth

of July specialty with historic buildings in Marblehead

MA, with stars and stripes on the seat.

Holly Aloha Jaynes


contact me for more information about any of these studios. 

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